February 7 War Room

February 7, 2012

The Boucher Strategies approach is different.  We count votes one at a time.  We track every contact.  We figure out who’s undecided and how we can best win their support.  We identify supporters and get them to the polls.

In our campaigns, the candidate, back-office operations, fundraising, scheduling and field organization all work in precise coordination with the television, radio, direct mail and grassroots.

Candidates who are able to focus on being great candidates raise more money, meet more voters, and win more elections.  So we set up iron-clad campaign systems for daily operations, scheduling, contact tracking, chain-of-command, information flow, data management, follow-up and fundraising.

We build true grassroots field organizations: block captains, town chairmen and county chairmen.  Our grassroots system is designed to empower your supporters to organize their communities, one neighborhood at a time.

With the Boucher Strategies approach to campaigns, the focus is always on the voter.  When it comes time to deliver the winning message, we integrate television, direct mail, phones, new media and the grassroots into a comprehensive campaign.